The Story of Bestever Bake Shop

Over 30 years ago, what started as a boy helping his mother in the kitchen turned into a lifelong dream. Little did Vinny know that his dream would turn into reality with his family by his side.

Vinny had 3 goals growing up. To get married and have children, to have a home of his own and to own a bakery. When it came time for college, Vinny attended Johnson & Wales University and received his degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. Soon after graduating he found himself working for Mondello's bakery in Woodhaven where he would wash pans and mop floors.

Whenever he had the opportunity, he would work with the elder bakers. They took him under their wing and taught him techniques he still uses today. He worked his way up through the years at Mondello's as a baker. He left Mondello's after it sold to work for Joe Calabrese, owner of Everbest Bakery in Valley Stream. Joe Calabrese was very generous to Vinny and his family and Everbest was like a second home to him.

Vinny had many mentors throughout his career but there were 2 that stand out, Pat Russo and Eric Bauer. Pat Russo taught Vinny the Italian line while he worked summers and after school in his bakery called Patsy's and Eric Bauer, who ran the bakery in the Milleridge Inn, taught Vinny the German line. Eric was very special to Vinny. It was an honor that Eric came out of retirement to help launch Bestever. Vinny worked very hard to support his family and all the while, saving to buy his own bakery. After years of working side jobs cutting lawns and cleaning public lots, He was now ready to find the perfect location.

Many years ago Vinny found an existing bakery on the corner of Broadway & Grand Ave in Massapequa by the Long Island Rail Road Station. After the business aspect was settled and the bakery was ready to open Vinny turned it into his second home. His family spent every day working together to make Bestever a great bakery. This was not easy but Vinny seemed to set a good example and had all of his family there, working and getting along (most of the time)!

Unfortunately some years ago, he was diagnosed with lymphedema, a disease that affects the circulation in his legs. He had to undergo many surgeries and could not afford to close the shop while he recovered. Vinny was overwhelmed by his families support. His son Vincent at the time, 13 years old, worked every day after school and weekends making sure the shop had fresh bread and product daily. Vincent spent a lot of time on the phone with his dad going over recipes while Vinny recovered. There are no words to describe the pride that Vinny has regarding his son.

Vincent continues to amaze his father everyday with his ideas on new products and procedures. Vincent has a rare and natural talent and a lot of Bestever's success is because of Vincent. His oldest daughter Antoinette made sure that the orders were placed for ingredients and supplies and did whatever needed to be done to help, from counter help to making bread with her brother. She is so hard working and dedicated and the bakery would not function without her. And his youngest daughter Ashley took care of Bestever customers and started decorating occasion cakes. She became quite an expert and expanded with fondant. Her talent is extraordinary. Her cakes are the talk of every occasion, whether it is a simple tier cake or a fire engine with working lights! His wife paid the bills and worked not only at the bakery but held a full time job aside from the bakery, exhibiting the true meaning of a partnership.

Vinny eventually recovered and returned to work and his family just grew closer. Despite his medical problems through the years, the family always pulls through, never compromising the quality of the product and always giving the best customer service possible.

Every holiday the family works night and day for weeks at a time in order to make Bestever customers happy. They take great pride in the work they do for all holidays, making delicious desserts and breads. They are a great team. Bestever is about customer service and they try to make all customers feel important. They want every customer to feel like they are "family". Whether a customer buys a 50 cent buttered bagel or a $400.00 wedding cake they appreciate the business and will do whatever it takes to keep customers coming back!

In addition to the retail side of Bestever, they make desserts for many restaurants and private catering companies around Long Island. They host parties for local Girl Scout troops and school field trips. They also make bread for various Pork Stores in the neighborhood and much much more.

All baking is done on premises and all the store help are not just counter help; they always go the extra mile to help customers make the right choice. Bestever employees are proud to work in this bakery and the Bestever family hopes that you are proud to be their customers! Vinny has gone a long way to get where he is today; always trying new recipes to compliment the standard products that his customers expect. We hope you agree that BESTEVER BAKERY of Massapequa Long Island is the best ever!